Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Warning! Gmail users beware, fake upgrade emails

Important FYI update for any Gmail users. If you receive the following email in your Gmail account, do not follow the embedded link. With the recent announcement of Google paid Google storage upgrades, the following phishing emails will undoubtedly become more and more the norm.

Dear Gmail customer
From now if you need more than 2 GB of space use this invitation and upgrade your account to 100 GB of space also you can register one free domain name via this invitation
your account upgrade will done after 24 hours
your invitation code is: http://gmailupgrades.com/Gmail-Account-Upgrade/…/
Thank You
Gmail Support Department

The email From: address is gmail-noreply@google.com. However, the "Mailed-by:" domain is marauder.websitewelcome.com. The link redirects to a website which looks very much like Gmail.

If did follow the link and entered your Google Account username and password, immediately visit Google’s Account Management [google.com/accounts/ManageAccount] to change your password.