Monday, November 26, 2007

Hack Attack : Download Vista SP1 Through Windows Update

If you are PC user, running Windows Vista, then you must be aware of the various multitude of problems that Vista faces. Well Microsoft plans to release the first service pack for Windows Vista sometime early next year. If you are the impatient kind, then you might want to install SP1 beta right away on your Vista PC.

Well there are two options for you to install Vista SP1, one is the legal way and the other illegal way. Illegal way involves downloading the service pack from torrents, which I am not going to tell you about here. Rather lets focus on the way Microsoft wants it beta testers to download the Service Pack .Well someone on demonoid posted a Windows Update Hack that would allow anyone running a legal Vista installation to install SP1.

Well the trick is pretty much straightforward, so grab yourself a coffee as you do this. Sure this won’t take much time.

Download this file (SP1Beta_Hack.cmd - Right Click and Save as to Download) and run it with the Administrator Privileges. You should see a successful message displayed on screen in Command Prompt.
  • Once you are done, run Windows Update and Check for updates. It should show you the KB935509 hotfix. Download it and restart your computer.
  • Again Fire up Windows Update and Check for updates. This time around you should find another update called KB937287 waiting for you to download it. Once done downloading it, restart and run Windows Update again and you should find KB938371 waiting. Download it and believe me this is the last step to glory!
  • Now restart the computer and fire up Windows Update for the last
    time. Check for updates. Windows update may not present you with SP1 at
    the first instance so try a few times and you will find it.
  • Once you find SP1 you should find something similar to the screenshots below.

SP1 Beta SP1 Beta

  • Download the Service Pack and you will now be running a legal copy of Windows Vista SP1.
Once you are done with the installation of Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista you will a see a tiny but irritating Watermark at the bottom right corner of your Dekstop saying ‘Evaluation copy, Build 6001′. If you want to get rid of the watermark follow the instructions below :
  • Download this Zip file ( Extract it in any convenient location.
  • Install watermark_fix.reg file
  • Take ownership of user32.dll.mui file in C:\Windows\System32\en-US\
  • Rename file to user32.dll.mui.bak
  • copy downloaded user32.dll.mui to folder
  • Reboot!
  • Voila! The Watermark is now gone.